2010-05-30 14:25:51 by Happeh-Juice

this will prob be the only time i wish i had a mac comp because in school they give us comps 4 teh year an one of the projects we had 2 do on it was a music one an we had 2 make our own songs wiff lyrics an ect an i made a tester song an it was kinda good :c wish i culd put it up on here so u ppl can say how much lyke crap esh ish lol

o . o roar?

2010-05-17 01:43:55 by Happeh-Juice

haha this is a late post about this but idc :"D

teh story:

Me and two friends talking in teh hall when the prom thingy was being held

Random persun runs up to us saying there was a fight

two chicks ganged up on another and kicked her ass

we are all like o . o wtf

haha it was funny the chick who got ganged up on only got a black eye i think and she did prob worse dmg to one of teh pepuhls who kicked her ass

:D isnt that interesting

i wuld give you a link to tuh vid of teh fight

but teh ass who uploaded it took et off -sadface-

now teh story beh doned

tuh endz!!!!

now gu awayz D< ur boring

i ahm teh mysticall wonderfull freakin fairy offff pancakes and of teh queen of mushroomz!!!!! mushymushyroomy rooms :DD

sadface Q_Q

2010-02-27 09:39:43 by Happeh-Juice

ehhckkk i need to get more recent art to put on here Q_Q nyawhhhh o .o coz i havnt gotten around to scanning some recent and if i does scanner b a bitch and cut of lyke most of et D: sad-fucking-face >_< piteh meh pplzzz!!!!!!!!!!!